Leaders of the Hospitality and Tourism Industry –

You do not need me to tell you that the COVID-19 virus has had a major, albeit largely negative, impact on both tourism and hospitality.

To help you on your journey to recovery, my colleagues and I want to invite you to engage in our free “New World New Rules – From Fear to Opportunity” webinar series, where change experts will provide you with the necessary tips, tools and resources to help businesses in your industry shift and pivot in order to be successful moving forward post-COVID.

We would love for you to join us, along with other esteemed leaders like yourself, on July 23rd at 11:00am PST / 1:00pm CST / 2:00pm EST so that you can learn more about the new, exciting opportunities that lie ahead for yourself, your business, and your industry. If you’d like to learn more, head here to register.


During the series, you will meet Michael, a once-successful business owner whose customers traveled the world. His business abruptly stopped, just as yours did, once the virus struck.

We will hear Michael discuss the fears and challenges he endured during the pandemic, only to then see how he has begun to shift his mindset and understand that there is a whole new world of opportunities that have opened up for himself and his business. You too will have a brief opportunity to experience a small taste of what this shift is like for yourself.

In addition, you will hear from professionals with decades of experience in areas such as change management, leadership development and personalized coaching who will give you practical insights and takeaways that you can put to immediate use in order to propel your business forward and thrive into the future.

Our free 1-hour webinar will end with a remarkable offer you will not want to miss! If interested, register here now. My colleagues and I look forward to meeting you online on July 23rd. We can’t wait to help you realize your business’ fullest potential with endless opportunities post-COVID!



Tom Drucker

President, Consultants in Corporate Innovation

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